All of our "In Service" Bioinformatics Training events are open to all who might benefit. Booking priority is offered to people from Cambridge University and Institutes with which charging arrangements have been negotiated.

Only for people from Institutes with which we have still to negotiate an arrangement, we charge £50 per participant day for all the events of our "In Service" Training Program.

People from Cambridge University (with Raven passwords) may book directly through the Booking system without individual charge.

People from the following Institutions may book for any of our courses without individual charge:

In order to verify your association with any of these Institutes, we ask you to use your Institute email address when booking (e.g. if your Institute is the EBI, your email address should end "").

We ask that every effort be made to give us at least 5 working days notification of booking cancellation. Barring exceptional circumstances, no fees will be refunded unless a full 2 working days notice of cancellation is given.

Current courses open for booking can be viewed here.